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Warhammer Vermintide 2 CG Intro + Making Of

Warhammer: Vermintide 2 © Games Workshop Limited 2018. Warhammer: Vermintide 2, Games Workshop and their associated logos are either ® or TM and/or © Games Workshop Limited. Published under licence to Fatshark. © Fatshark AB 2018.

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Rascals CG team
Co-Directors: Tom Roller & Janos Hunyadi
Script: Tereza Dosek
Art: Jiri Svetinsky, Roman Mindek, Simon Gocal, John Silva, Fariba Khamseh, Arash Radkia
Animation: Guillermo Dupinet
Rigs: Jakub Krompolc

Client: Fatshark
Direction: Anders De Geer, Mattias Rousk
Management: Cecilia Larsson
Audio: Fatshark
Music: Jesper Kyd

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CG intro for Vermintide II is one of the two CG videos we made for the game. Fatshark provided Rascals with the voice-over and gave our CG team free hand in coming up with the script. The cut-scene took 7 weeks from start to finish.

The final cut-scene is remained quite similar to the storyboard except for the map burning at the end.

Narrator’s actions were first re-hearsed on camera to get a rough idea about the timing of the key events. With the timing in place, we refined the action in an animation pass.

While working on animation, we carried out the first lookdev test to confirm qualitative target for the final render. Our next goal was getting rid of the placeholders and pouring in actual assets.